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Assembly status and Sequence names

Choose draft (WGS) or complete to specify the assembly status of your genome.
For more details about WGS submission, please refer to the following page [ ja / en ].
To submit a complete genome, you also need to specify a sequence name, a type (chromosome or plasmid), and topology (linear or circular) for each sequence.

Number of Sequences: 3

Assembly status:

In most cases, STANDARD_DRAFT will do. Please see definitions.

Use only alphabetic characters.   e.g. Sequence, Contig, scaffold

Sequence names will be changed to  .

Gene loucs identifier (Locus tag prefix)

Locus tag prefix is used as a prefix for gene locus identifiers. If you have multiple genomes to annotate, it is good to assign unique prefix to each of them to distinguish the data.
Note that you need to register an official locus tag prefix if you want to submit the genome to INSDC.