[IMPORTANT] 2021.2.22 We have moved to the new server as of Feb 22. DFAST is now hosted on the NIG SuperComputer System (NIG-SC).
The URL has been changed from https://dfast.nig.ac.jp to https://dfast.ddbj.nig.ac.jp (You will be redirected to the new server if you access the old server.)
Please let us know at dfast@nig.ac.jp if you have any trouble.

With the computational power of NIG-SC, DFAST now can
- process up to 8 jobs concurrently (formerly 2)
- allocate more CPUs and memory to the job (1 CPU --> 3 CPUs / job)
- complete the job in a shorter time (4min --> 2min for 5Mbp bacterial genome)

[Notice] DFAST will be unavailable from Mar 22 to Mar 25 due to the maintenance of NIG-SC.

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DAGA : DFAST Archive of Genome Annotation

DAGA stores genomic data collected from the public nucleotide database and the sequence read archive. All the genomes are consistently annotated using DFAST.
Currently, DAGA is available only for genomes of Lactic Acid Bacteria.

1421 annotated genome resources are available, covering 2 genera and 191 species.  ENTER

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